Oh man, I’m gonna get potion bottles and fill them with booze!

Currently under construction… and knowing my lazy ass, don’t expect it any time too soon. I’m workin’ on it now though!

The inebriated adventures of Thursday Monday night. The more the GM drinks the cooler the loot and the party is gung-ho to their own demise! Named for the disturbing offspring of a Minotaur and a Dire Gorilla. We have completed Barrow of the Forgotten King, The Sinister Spire, and after some party death and squirreling, Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. We’ve begun an Expedition to the Demonweb Pits… then perhaps an Expedition to the Castle Ravenloft or some other locale.

…Wait, same characters in different Realms??? They can’t do that!

With my magic potion of Jack DanielsTM WE can!

Oh, by the realms… Someone convinced me to do it again? Alright, let me grab my shot-glass and pint-glass and lets do this. Okay you left-headed adventurers, I guess next up is Expedition to the Ruins of Greyskull Greyhawk.

Now we’re drinking from home and Skype / texting it up because everyone is pretty tired of maptools and Wizards hasn’t made their virtual table a feasible option! Thanks Wizards, you want to give us a 5th edition… But you can’t even get your software off the ground. Virtual Tabletop, Adventure Tools (Everything BUT Monster Builder). So stay tuned to the ridiculous adventures of these Jackasses. At least we came back for you… Even if the invisible penis mushrooms tried to eat you.

Next SessionTBD

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