Your first impression is that her spine must be made of steel, to hold up her breasts like that. She’s certainly not getting any help from the flimsy shift that “covers” them. You spend a moment considering its see-through properties before arriving at the green of her eyes. She doesn’t seem mad that it took you so long to get there.

Her handshake is gentle, but there’s strength behind it. “I am Göndul,” she announces, even those two words touched by her strong accent. “I come from Asgard in search of glory!”

She tells you the story of her adventures in Midgard’s Underdark, but the specifics don’t seem to matter. The real story is the passion with which she speaks, the energy behind every word. Göndul is clearly a woman who holds nothing back.

You then realize that she’s moved on, talking about a wizard named Jenneleth that she knows. Judging from her explicit descriptions of their lovemaking, Göndul must know her very well. It’s not the sort of blow-by-blow (ahem) you expect to hear from someone you just met…

You steer her back to the reason you approached her, and she agrees to join your expedition. Gathering her longsword and shield, Göndul follows you, singing an Asgardian battle hymn as she walks…

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