Those Who Fight for the One True GodTM

Caliper – Relic from one of many wars in Eberron… Question is how he got here… Fancies himself a comedian. Wait, how did any of these guys get here again?

Hurrah Harumph – The remaining fanatical twin servant of Pelor. His mustache is as magnificent as his brother’s once was.

Puddles : “The Motherfucking (Undead) Pterodactyl, here to ptero you a new asshole!”
Broomstick : “The Motherfucking Bear-o-dactyl; so beware, motherfuckers, beware.”

Göndul – Freya’s favored soul, an ardent Asgardian and a Sensate namer. She doesn’t know about all this One True God business, but is too metal to worry about it.

Igkyba – The Amorous “Human” Druid Seeking a Tryst with Everything in the Known Universe… Using the Appropriate Body Shape to Do So.

[Dudebro 2] – Another new PC!

[Dudebro 3] – Yet another new PC!

[Dudebro 4] – Okay, this is getting ridiculous…

[Broheem 5] – I’ll raise your Dudebro and bet you a fifth Broheem…

PC Graveyard

Hank – We can’t remember his real name, but he tends to vanish and reappear, almost like he can’t stay in one place. Perhaps it’s some temporal Realm mishap thingy?

Harlen – Cleric of Pelor. Giant invisible mushrooms ate him. It was sad… He was carrying the loot.

Enfidelis Rex – Fighter and would be Sorcerer. Giant invisible mushrooms ate him too… It was less sad.

Huzzah Harumph – One of the fanatical twin servants of Pelor. He had a magnificent mustache. He fought with the might of Pelor himself. He has also been brought back and runs the temple to Pelor in the Between-Castle-of-KICKASS.

Kitz’k – Drow ranger and Ving Rhames look alike. An optional boss cut him to little pieces.

Winston Stonewarden – Dwarven thief who tended to be the only voice of quasi-reason… The Risen King put him down like a dog.

Xiah – Aasimar cleric of Pelor, she is not as fanatical as the Harumph twins, but she still loves the Pelor. She was greeted by the twins with hugs! She beat Invisibility with Create Water.

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