Can I Have Dimensional Anchor for 500, Alex?

April 15, 2012

Note to the GM: Please add missing details as appropriate.

[Recap Mode]

Having acquired a couple of demon-slaying weapons from a) the Beastlands and b) some Ice Plane near the Beastlands, our trio of heroes returned to the Ratatosk village on the World Tree to relax for a bit. In the morning, Huzzah and a hulking simpleton in powered armor had arrived. Caliper returned to the castle to try to shore up the dimensional breach that allowed the plane-hopping man-child in in the first place.

[/Recap Mode]

The Harrumph brothers reunited happily, and the four adventurers returned to Sigil to deliver to Rule-of-Three the fruits of their second task and to acquire the third. The planar weirdo with a number fetish complied, telling them to go into the Demonweb Pits themselves and make contact with his agent there. Crushing a spider’s egg at the Weaver’s Guild in the Clerk’s Ward opened the portal to the 66th level of the Abyss.

They saw three other apparent doors or portals or some such nonsense in the foyer of the (drow & spider) damned, with keyholes in the shape of 1) a blue crystal cube, 2) an iron [insert shape here], and 3) a bronze eight-pointed star. Having no keys in these shapes, the party proceeded farther into the Abyss.

The tunnels appeared to be constructed of sturdy webbing, which resisted attempts to burn it. The crew pushed through, taking down a chicharone, a number of drow, and some weird level-draining plant-things, bypassing an area of impenetrable darkness, and acquiring (probably) two of the three keys needed to work the gates in the foyer.

They tried to question one drow soldier that was taken prisoner after a short and brutal fight, but he was not very forthcoming, and Hurrah jogged his memory too hard. They pressed forward rather than back and came to a drow temple/fortress thing. Igkyba bluffed their way inside (he was still in drow form after interrogating the prisoner), but really he didn’t, and then the gang was trapped in the prison chamber of the structure, with 40 31 pissed off dark elves between them and escape.

Monkey-bone was dismissed during the first encounter, dropping the adventurers’ numbers back to three. When they rushed out to attempt Taking Out The Entire Complex, the others were also summarily dismissed, and although Hurrah and Igkyba both wound up back in Greyhawk, Huzzah was nowhere to be found…


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