Hurrah Harumph

Pelor's "Big Gun"


Hurrah Harumph
Race: Human
Class(s): Paladin: 6 / Rogue: 1 / Shadowbane Inquisitor: 5
Level: 12
HD: 12 – 148 HP
Alignment: Lawful Good

Str: 20(5); Dex: 15(2); Con: 18(4); Int: 16(3); Wis: 16(3); Cha: 22(6)
Fort: +19; Ref: +13; Will: +12
BAB: +11/6/1; Grapple: +16;
AC: 22; Touch: 12; Flat-Footed: 20
Init: +2

Feats: Holy Strike, Cleave, Improved Crit (Grt Sword), Extra Smiting, Weapon Focus. (Greatsword), Power Attack

Class/Race Abilities/Bonuses: Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 5/day, Inquisiting Smite 5/day, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands, Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Turn Undead, Special Mount (War Horse), Remove Disease 1/week, Sneak Attack +2d6, Trap Finding, Pierce Shadows,Improved Sunder, Sacred Stealth, Merciless Purity

+2 Excelcior: 19/14/9 2d69 17/20×2 Special: +2, +1d6 fire, +1d6 elec, +2 to hit and dmg on smites, +1 smite/day for each type of smite

Adamantine Battle Axe: 16/11/6 1d84 x3 Special: Adamantine

+2 Mithril Full Plate of Speed: AC: +10, Max Dex: +3, Check Penalty: -3, Speed: 20, Special: +2; Haste 10 rounds/day

Carried Gear: 100’ hemp rope, sleeping bag, rations, Ring of Water Walking, Cure Light Potion, 2x Cure Mod Potion, Cloak of Cha +6, Gloves of Arrow Snaring, 2 bottles of lamp oil,
Languages: Common, Celestial


The light of Pelor shines on Hurrah wherever he travels. A paladin since birth, Hurrah’s “Detect Evil” was turned on accidentally when he was delivered by a cleric of Pelor in the middle of a battle field between good and evil. No one has figured out how to turn it off.

Hurrah started early, easily detecting which bugs were evil and crushing them mercilessly as a young toddler. By the time he had his moustache at age 12, he had already killed his first necromancer, a young goth by the name of Damien.

Despite possessing a genius intellect, Hurrah often acts brashly due to his immediate disdain for anything wicked in the area. He is so filled with Pelor’s light that he has been known to glow brightly for no apparent reason. Also, anything that Hurrah touches becomes filled with Pelor’s might, even a lowly bar-stool in a tavern brawl against evil.

Hurrah Harumph

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